• Latest BETA: 0.53.2
  • Latest PUBLIC: 0.52.1

Glassix 0.53.2

  • Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex
  • Fixed missing image in Daisuki's single night event
  • Fixed bug with girl not showing in the correct room when a new day began
  • Fixed bug where girl summoned via cheat or spell would not reset her waiting time
  • Fixed bug where girl would show as sleeping even if she was not in her room at night

Glassix 0.53.1

  • Quick interaction option now gives the daily affection and obedience points right after seeing the girls rather than having to click on each of them
  • All choices are now available in the Gallery after unlocking the initial event
  • English translation, Iyo's and Ryoko's files and "A bored Rin" event, improved by Spectre (Thanks!)
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Fixed bug giving obedience points with the "Follow me" option when Quick interactions option was on
  • Fixed some events not appearing as unlocked in the Gallery despite being unlocked in the Event list (Thanks Spectre!)
  • Fixed bug with some events not unlocking when using the "Unlock all" cheat

Glassix 0.53.0

  • Added Nabila level 4
  • Added Nabila pimping event
  • Added belly dance option for Marylin during her session event
  • Added possession, pimping, daily pimping, spell corruption, good ending and bad ending events for Ayane
  • Added new VIP event by Hollow: A bored Rin
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Russian translation updated by FomFom
  • Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex
  • Fixed some lines in Iyo's good ending
  • Added missing possession events in Gallery (Thanks Silentsun123!)
  • Fixed missing image about Shizuru during some good endings (Thanks Yukino!)
  • Added missing Slave ending in Hikari's Gallery (Thanks Darkbatex!)
  • Fixed bug with girls wearing underwear under their swimsuits (Thanks Spectre!)
  • Fixed bug with girls in doll mode not staying naked

Glassix 0.52.1

  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Russian translation updated by FomFom
  • Fixed bug sometimes happening with Ayane's wardrobe (Thanks Ocumura!)
  • Fixed missing cum options during Ayane's anal commands (Thanks Spectre!)
  • Fixed missing cum options during Iyo's bath and toilet blowjob commands (Thanks Spectre!)
  • Added missing sex options during girlfriend night with Ayane
  • Added missing images for Anael's chair boobjob command (Thanks TheJohn!)
  • Fixed bug with girl not wearing underwear when starting a new game (Thanks Popfan!)
  • Fix bug with some girls good endings not being available despite meeting the requirements (Thanks Popfan!)

Glassix 0.52.0

  • Added Nabila level 3
  • Added Ayane level 3 & 4
  • Added new event "Belly dance" for Nabila
  • Russian translation updated by FomFom
  • Fixed missing image for Emiri heeljob with some outfits (Thanks Spectre!)
  • Fixed wrong key name in Kana's room and Ayane's room (Thanks Popfan!)
  • Fixed waypoints tooltip not disappearing when activating the glasses (Thanks Fr0stst0rm!)
  • Added missing toilets, bath and night events in Ayane's gallery

Glassix 0.51.2

  • Russian language added
  • Administrative assistant job has been moved to the Town Hall lobby
  • You can now only ask money once per day to each girl (Thanks TheJohn!)
  • Girls now need at least 120 mood to accept giving you money (Thanks TheJohn!)
  • Russian translation updated by FomFom
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Fixed bug with Administrative assistant job not unlocking after talking to Marylin, fix is retroactive (Thanks Spectre!)
  • Fixed bug with wrong underwear showing after editing the outfit in the wardrobe (Thanks Ocumura!)
  • Fixed Aquatic park introduction event not triggering (Thanks 12tegami!)
  • Fixed event condition for Lily level 3, Hikari must have been met (Thanks TheJohn!)
  • Fixed bug where MC house was locked in fast travel (Thanks TheJohn!)

Glassix 0.51.1

  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Fixed bug not unlocking Ayane after her meeting event (Thanks Spectre!)
  • Added missing Ayane avatar icon in popup and city map (Thanks Spectre!)
  • Fixed missing options during Ayane's bath and toilets event (Thanks Spectre!)

Glassix 0.51.0

  • Added Ayane, a junior student, Ayumi's sister and Fujiko's daughter
  • The administrative assistant job is now introduced by Marylin
  • The lifeguard assistant job is now introduced by Tokie
  • Added Nabila level 2
  • Added Ayane level 1 & 2
  • Fixed bug preventing to go to the girl's status page when clicking on her icon on the city map (Thanks Thanny!)
  • Fixed bug with events not registering as completed in the event list (Thanks Slifer83!)

Glassix 0.50.2

  • Added new game option to earn the daily affection and obedience points faster when interacting with a girl
  • "Ask for money" event has been moved to its own tab
  • Reduced money gained from girls when asking them
  • Added "Ask for money" option in slave mode which does not cause affection loss
  • Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex
  • Fixed bug with girl's icon in popup disappearing too soon when an event triggered

Glassix 0.50.1

  • Nearby event will disappear if not enough time to reach destination
  • Nearby event will disappear if the target moves from destination
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Fixed black screen bug occurring during afternoons in several locations (Thanks PatrickP!)
  • Fixed incorrect narration line ine Iyo event level 3 (Thanks PR!)
  • Waterlily event now correctly awards sexen (Thanks Spectre!)
  • Fixed missing translations during Emiri's anal commands (Thanks Spectre!)
  • Fixed Nabila's and Daisuki's slave character image (Thanks Spectre!)
  • Fixed bug with events sometimes not being registered as completed (Thanks Metawe!)
  • Fixed instant transition time between location
  • Fixed bug with wardrobe introduction event occurring to early during day 1

Glassix 0.50.0

  • Added "Nearby events" feature to easily find nearby events
  • Added "Nearby events" option in Options menu to select which nearby events should be targeted
  • Added new text travel option
  • Added rollback feature during events with mouse wheel or up/down arrows (Requested by Nullshadow)
  • Added a popup to warn the player when time changes during events
  • Sound volume can now be adjusted in the game options (Requested by Hans-Olav Tangen Bråtun)
  • Traveling by bus is now 10% faster than walking/subway
  • Traveling by taxi is now 25% faster (before was 20%) than walking/subway and cost 0.5$/min (before was 1.5$/min)
  • You can now quick travel using the city map by double clicking on the destination. If cheats are enabled, time will not pass, similar to teleport spell without stamina cost.
  • Removed quick trip to school event in the morning
  • Changed some events conditions to make them still accessible at higher obedience levels (Requested by Prinplup)
  • New game menu now display important game options before starting the game
  • Add new icon in top menu to toggle nearby event help
  • Reorganized the help menu to introduce the features as the game goes on
  • Added events to introduce the Event list panel, the different ways to travel around the city, magic spells, opening locked door, dating and using the wardrobe
  • Keys are no longer required to enter rooms and buildings when cheats are enabled
  • Player can now ask girls for money wehn talking to them once a day but it'll decrease their affection. The amount given depends on the wealth of the girl. Requires 80+ affection.
  • Aiko will now give some pocket money on Day 2 then will give more after the first exam on each Mondays depending on the exam results
  • When triggering an event by talking with a girl, unique event will always trigger before repeatable events
  • New search events based on luck and location
  • Added Daisuki's good and bad endings
  • Added Daisuki's emancipation event to date her
  • Added Daisuki's pimping event
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Fixed issue with background image not updating when time passed during an event
  • Fixed bug where girl tracker icon would move up when a popup disappeared
  • Fixed issue with tooltip sometimes not displaying when hovering over smaller icons on city map
  • Fixed Utako obedience level 4 being inaccessible (Thanks GTVA_Heretic!)
  • Removed Marylin endings from the event list since they shouldn't be displayed there, only in gallery (Thanks Slifer83!)
  • Fixed bug when quick traveling/teleporting to shrine
  • Fixed issue when selecting "No underwear" in wardrobe management
  • Fixed issue with the event to reveal Sarah's secret to Hikari (Thanks Slifer83!)
  • Fixed issue with girl in doll mode or slave mode not giving access to her room if player did not have the key
  • Fixed bug with pimping icon not reverting when you canceled slave mode by talking with her if the girl was pimping herself (Thanks Dalzomo!)

Glassix 0.49.1

  • Anael and Lily are not affected by the Timestop spell anymore
  • Added suspicion gain during Water Lily event
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex
  • Fixed missing translation dailysexstandorgasmtitjob (Thanks Spectre!)
  • Fixed missing translation dailysexstandsuckingtitjob (Thanks Spectre!)
  • Fixed missing Pact event in replay mode for Kristina, Hanae and Emiri (Thanks CH!)

Glassix 0.49.0

  • Added Daisuki level 4
  • Added new timestop event for all girls
  • Added new event with Lily and Shizuru
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Fixed event aborting unexpectedly during Daisuki's event obedience level 3 when selecting the second choice

Glassix 0.48.1

  • Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex
  • English translation, Shizuru's file, improved by Spectre (Thanks!)
  • Fixed autosave not loading sometimes (Thanks Spectre!)
  • Fixed Iyo missing slave images (Thanks BDI!)
  • Fixed missing dailysexstandingoutside4 for Daisuki (Thanks Darkbatex!)
  • Fixed time stop spell outdated description (Thanks Darkbatex!)
  • Fixed bug preventing Daisuki level 3 hint to be accessible (Thanks Spectre!)
  • Fixed missing image during Daisuki daily golden shower bath (Thanks Spectre!)

Glassix 0.48.0

  • Added time stop spell
  • Added Daisuki level 3
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex
  • English translation, Hikari's file, improved by Spectre (Thanks!)

Glassix 0.47.1

  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex

Glassix 0.47.0

  • Added blowjob and anal commands in doll mode
  • Added Daisuki level 2
  • Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex
  • English translation, Rin's file, improved by Spectre (Thanks!)
  • Fixed wrong key name for Marylin's room and house in french language (Thanks Thornum!)
  • Fixed wrong name tag in the talk with Lily about the nun (Thanks Spectre!)
  • Fixed Street K night version (Thanks Spectre!)
  • Fixed wrong image order in Hikari daily blowjob with sexy underwear (Thanks Darkbatex!)
  • Fixed missing cum option translations during anal commands (Thanks Spectre!)
  • Fixed missing image in Okimi's pact event (Thanks Spectre/Darkbatex!)
  • Added missing chair and bed in Daisuki's room (Thanks Darkbatex!)
  • Fixed missing images during Daisuki's night event (Thanks Fakedcnt!)

Glassix 0.46.1

  • Added one stripper event for Iyo
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex
  • English translation, Saiko's and Ayumi's files, improved by Spectre (Huge thanks to him!)
  • Fixed several issues with pathfinding for Iyo's, Nabila's and Daisuki's house (Thanks Thornum!)
  • Fixed bug with Iyo not sleeping (Thanks BDI!)

Glassix 0.46.0

  • Added slave pimping button in the girl status page, 3 girls max. Requires Slave mode and Devil's Lust spells as well as having unlocked a specific event related to pimping.
  • Pimping girls using this new button now earns some money and sexen at the beginning of each day
  • Added Nabila level 1
  • Added Daisuki level 1
  • Added 3 short daily pimping events for each girl
  • Added Daisuki's house in Downtown Bakery and Bakery Street
  • Added Nabila's house in Northside street H
  • Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex
  • Fixed bug with Iyo not sleeping at night (Thanks Peixe751!)

Glassix 0.45.0

  • Added Iyo bad ending
  • Added Iyo good ending
  • Two bonus events for Iyo
  • Iyo level 4
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Fixed typo in Fujiko toilet event (Thanks Dregrin!)
  • Fixed incorrect variable change in Fujiko night event preventing second option to be unlocked (Thanks Dregrin!)
  • Fixed bug with Hanae's vaginal event not displaying choices (Thanks Zeph!)
  • Fixed bug with Marylin lingerie set C not appearing in the item list (Thanks Zeph!)
  • Fixed missing character images during St Patrick's event (Thanks Zeph!)

Glassix 0.44.1

  • Miwa's house in Southside became Tokie's house
  • Shiho's house in Southside became Emika's house
  • Possession events now slightly reduce suspicion
  • Tokie's job changed to Aquatic Park teller
  • Updated twins' introduction event to remove Wakana's part
  • Updated Tokie's introduction event
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Minor fixes in English translation

Glassix 0.44.0

  • Iyo level 3
  • Added 3 new possession spell events : Emiri, Saiko and Utako
  • Added 2 new pimping events : Marylin and Utako
  • English translation, Anael's file, improved by Spectre (Huge thanks to him!)
  • Fixed overlapping bug in city map
  • Fixed missing introduction event for the twins
  • Added some missing images in Sarah's sexy casual suit event

Glassix 0.43.1

  • Added Iyo's apartment on the city map
  • Added Iyo's bath, pee and night commands level 2
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Affection earned for removed girl will not appear anymore when using an old save file (Thanks Jamesyoung.criminalcase!)

Glassix 0.43.0

  • Removed Chan-Mei, Kinu, Miwu, Wakana, Penny, Shiho and Yurika from the game
  • Added new quest to unlock Sarah's sexy casual suit
  • Iyo level 2 (Still missing bath, toilet and night commands though)
  • Added 69 command when sleeping with Hanae, Eimi, Yae, Kumiko and Utako as girlfriends
  • Added 3 new possession spell events : Aiko, Mitsuko and Fujiko
  • Fixed missing hero translation in spell descriptions
  • Updated Utako's level 2 hint to be more specific about the location (Thanks Shremedy!)
  • Added missing stamina requirement when casting Devil's Lust spell

Glassix 0.42.1

  • Added a few customized texts for the girlfriend night events for Aiko, Kana, Rin, Naomi, Mitsuko, Hikari, Ayumi and Saiko
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Utako now correctly loses her virginity during her "Sex > Bed > Show me your wedding dress" command (Thanks Jamers0625!)
  • Girls now correctly lose their virginity during Lily's level 3 event (Thanks TheJohn!)
  • Girls now correctly lose their virginity during their pimping event (Thanks TheJohn!)

Glassix 0.42.0

  • When cheating obedience level, you now can't exceed the current version max obedience level for extra girls or ongoing girls
  • 2 new quests to unlock sexy work outfits Aiko, Hanae and Ryoko
  • Iyo level 1
  • Added 3 new sex commands when sleeping with girlfriends
  • Added gym orgy and pool orgy option during the afternoon school lessons
  • Added 2 pimping events : Hanae and Okimi
  • Fixed some missing translations in the gallery (Thanks Salking!)
  • Fixed wrong main character name in the event lists for the kissing event conditions (Thanks Salking!)
  • Girls no longer follow the player to its room if he faints due to lack of stamina (Thanks Shremedy!)
  • Disabled option to have Wakana join when having sex with Hikari and Hanae during work at the Aquatic park (Thanks Mikilande!)

Glassix 0.41.1

  • Added kissing command for Kumiko, Utako, Ryoko, Hanae, Fujiko, Yatsumi, Marylin, Eimi, Yae, Emiri, Okimi, Sarah, Shizuru, Kristina
  • English translation, Aiko's file, improved by Spectre
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Fixed missing translation for Eimi's chair boobjob (Thanks Son_ic!)
  • Fixed bug skipping day during afternoon class (Thanks Mikilande!)
  • Fixed bug with afternoon gym and swim classes not working (Thanks Salking!)

Glassix 0.41.0

  • Added 1 new outfit for Marylin therapy event
  • Added intermediary event to reach Marylin good ending
  • Added Marylin good ending (with pregnancy variant)
  • Revamped the morning senior orgy event
  • In gallery mode, all choices are now displayed if you've unlocked the root event
  • Disabled out of date languages (Can be enabled again manually in the config file)
  • Partial completion for sexy suit scenes for Shizuru, Kristina, Kumiko and Utako
  • Added new Kiss command for Aiko, Kana, Rin, Naomi, Ayumi, Saiko, Mitsuko, Hikari
  • Added new afternoon senior orgy on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a different winner each time
  • Added new options for Marylin night event
  • Added new options for Marylin therapy event
  • Added 7 pimping events : Shizuru, Ryoko, Fujiko, Yatsumi, Kumiko, Sarah, Emiri
  • Fixed bug during morning class on Friday skipping the whole day (Thanks Salking!)
  • Fixed Donation introduction event: Can't trigger if Anael has not been met yet (Thanks TheJohn!)
  • Fixed bug during twins night anal event (Thanks Son_ic!)
  • Fixed bug with twins coming options during anal commands (Thanks Son_ic!)
  • Fixed bug with Mitsuko special option in "Show ass" command for bed and chair (Thanks Harem Route!)
  • Fixed bug with events in gallery not displaying all choices (Thanks OGustavo!)
  • Fixed invalid french language (Thanks Mikilande!)

Glassix 0.40.1

  • Added Marylin sexy casual, sexy work and sexy underwear outfits
  • Fixed Marylin sexy clothing issues
  • Reduced coffee stamina regain and increased its cost in the hospital shop to balance it (Thanks TheJohn!)
  • Classroom orgy event now increases suspicion
  • English translation corrected by Spectre Rose (Huge thanks to him!)
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Fixed bug preventing stamina to be regained if sleeping after midnight (Thanks Squark!)
  • Fixed many missing and incorrect translated strings in gallery and events list (Thanks Squark!)
  • Fixed bug in event where you buy Marylin second suit which prevented the event to repeat if you choose the "Nevermind" option (Thanks CarpeNoctem!)
  • Removed popup when clicking a choice

Glassix 0.40.0

  • Added Marylin bad ending
  • Marilyn's level 4
  • Added 2 pimping events : Ayumi and Saiko
  • Added new orgy option during morning classes
  • Fixed bug when Marylin tried to give her room or house keys

Glassix 0.39.1

  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • English translation of Lily's file reviewed and fixed by Spectre Rose
  • Fixed new pimping events showing in wrong gallery page (Thanks Hollow49!)
  • Fixed 4 arms Kumiko during Utako's wedding event (Thanks Alex2011!)
  • Fixed a critical issue with game variables (Thanks Jamesyoung.criminalcase!)
  • Disabled Marilyn sexy outfits (Thanks Alex2011!)

Glassix 0.39.0

  • Added stamina regeneration when waiting some time. Stamina regained depends on furniture in room (Thanks TheJohn!)
  • Added a game option to disable cum effect (Thanks Squark!)
  • Added twins lover good ending
  • Marilyn's level 3
  • Added 5 pimping events : Rin, Hikari, Kana, Mitsuko and Naomi
  • Added a special event with Marilyn wearing a unique outfit

Glassix 0.38.1

  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Fixed typo in girl's name during Shizuru's obedience event level 3 (Thanks Salking!)
  • Fixed virginity not being lost during Shizuru's level 3 event with Hanae (Thanks Salking!)
  • Fixed type in girl's name during Shiho's job event (Thanks Spectre!)
  • Fixed bug with earning sexen when using same command with multiple girls (Thanks Spectre!)
  • Added missing staff sexy suit part 4 event in the event list (Thanks Slifer83!)
  • Fixed bug where girls not met yet would stay forever in the same place until met if they appeared during some events (Thanks TheJohn!)
  • Added missing images during Utako's night event (Thanks Slifer83!)

Glassix 0.38.0

  • Added sexy outfits images for Kana, Hikari and Mitsuko
  • Added good endings for Shizuru, Emiri, Kristina, Eimi and Yae
  • Added new event to unlock Shizuru's good ending
  • Added new event to unlock Emiri's good ending
  • Added new event to unlock pimping when the player has unlocked the Devil's Lust spell
  • Sexen gain modified during titjob. Some girls can now have orgasm during titjob increasing sexen gain
  • Marilyn's level 2
  • Added Aiko pimping event
  • Fixed missing gallery event labels (Thanks Hollow49!)
  • Fixed Kana good ending bug (Thanks Hollow49!)

Glassix 0.37.1

  • Changed icon for walk waypoint with travel time of over 2 hours
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Fixed spell Second Wind restoring incorrect amount of stamina (Thanks Salking!)
  • Fixed typo in Eimi level 1 event (Thanks Salking!)
  • Fixed tooltip over girl icon when using Devil Tracker spell (Thanks Salking!)

Glassix 0.37.0

  • Added sexy outfits images for Aiko, Saiko, Rin, Naomi and Ayumi
  • Added bad endings for Eimi and Yae
  • Added good endings for Kana, Utako and Yatsumi
  • Added new options for the duo commands of the twins
  • Added anal options (commands, toilets, bath and sleep) for the twins
  • Fixed wrong tooltip when hovering top right girls icon during events (Thanks Salking!)
  • Fixed typo about the PE starting day in tutorial event (Thanks Salking!)
  • Fixed Anael meeting triggering too early (Thanks Salking!)
  • Fixed bug allowing access to Eastisde conbini job outside of schedule (Thanks Salking!)
  • Switched a few waypoint positions in some locations (Beach C, Bakery Street and Small shop) to match the city map (Thanks Spectre!)
  • Fixed bug allowing skills to get above 100 (Thanks Balinn!)
  • Fixed wrong locations in airport city map (Thanks Balinn!)
  • Lily and Anael can no longer introduce the nun at 80 suspicion (Thanks Spectre!)
  • Added missing standing sex in doll mode for Kristina and Emiri (Thanks Viewer!)
  • Doubled the price of all donations to match the sexen cost for suspicion reduction (Thanks Viewer!)
  • Fixed Hikari avatar when wearing sexy underwear under sexy work outfit (Thanks Alex2011!)
  • Fixed bug during dates at the classy restaurant in the museum when choosing the bitter dish (Thanks Vitamin433!)
  • Fixed bug with city map legends
  • Fixed sex shop position on city map in Northside

Glassix 0.36.3

  • Fixed crashes in the help menu (Thanks Viewer!)
  • Added missing donation introduction event (Thanks Viewer!)
  • Added missing standing doll mode sex for the twins (Thanks Viewer!)
  • Added missing anal option during toilets and bath events for the twins (Thanks Viewer!)
  • Fixed job in Eastside Conbini (Thanks Viewer!)
  • Fixed underwear appearing below swimsuit for Eimi, Yae and Wakana in Gallery mode (Thanks Viewer!)

Glassix 0.36.2

  • Added missing talk events to unlock new jobs (Thanks Viewer!)
  • Fixed girl icons alignment issue on the city map
  • Fixed some tooltip errors on the city map
  • Fixed missing image during work at the aquatic park

Glassix 0.36.1

  • Added orgasm images variations during anal commands depending on girls preference in anal play
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem

Glassix 0.36.0

  • Added quicksave (F5 and F9, 7 slots) and autosave (at the beginning of each new day, 7 slots) features
  • Added darker background for latest save slot
  • Added new game option to change the scene background opacity
  • Added new navigation icons
  • Added new game option to select navigation icon pack
  • Changed job access
  • Changed training with girls access
  • Changed shop time error to display a popup rather than triggering an event
  • Added legends on city map: Jobs, Shops, Sleeping spot, Donation, Bus Stops, Training spots and Trainer locations
  • Added tooltips when hovering city map legends and girl icons
  • Added new donation waypoint in the church to reduce suspicion for money
  • Added job conbini clerk in Eastside conbini without skill or relation requirements
  • Added new events to introduce some game features which trigger when the feature becomes available (dating and spells)
  • Updated the game help menu (accessible with F1) to introduce all game features as well as the cheats list
  • Added warning message before unlocking cheat in Gallery (Thanks Vlad!)
  • Popups appearing just before changing location now reappear when the scene restart to help follow changes (Thanks Salking!)
  • New circle 3 spell: Devil's friendship. Prevent the daily loss of affection occurring when a girl is ignored for too long. Also make girls disliking the player forgive him even when ignored (Thanks Salking!)
  • Eimi & Yae's level 4
  • Fixed bug in Polish language (Thanks Mario4don!)
  • Fixed girls icon display in city map so they fit the location background
  • Fixed incorrect amount of money earned during yoga job
  • Added missing snack location on city map in Entertainment Park
  • Translated french Fujiko's hint level 4 (Thanks Alex2011!)
  • Fixed bug preventing the school staff sexysuit quest to be completed if talking to Fujiko too many times (Thanks Alex2011!)
  • Fixed bug in Ryoko's slave ending (Thanks Anips!)
  • Fixed wrong girl being displayed during the nun first meeting event (Thanks Spectre!)
  • Fixed Utako's virginity loss during Utako's level 3 event (Thanks Salking!)
  • Fixed trigger bug for event "A girl's talk" (Thanks Salking!)
  • Fixed bus tooltip
  • Fixed issues with some girl stockings avatar layers
  • Fixed bug resetting ignored girl timer
  • Removed night events in gallery for Daisuki and Emika since they are not done yet (Thanks Viewer!)

Glassix 0.35.1

  • Solved bug allowing affection to go over 200 (Thanks Viewer!)
  • Disabled pee and bath events for Miwa and Shiho since they are not ready yet (Thanks Viewer!)
  • Solved bug with twins blowjob commands (Thanks Viewer!)
  • Solved bug with twins pact where the second girl would not be in doll mode once the pact finished (Thanks Viewer!)

Glassix 0.35.0

  • 5 new good endings : Naomi, Mitsuko, Fujiko, Kumiko (with pregnancy variation) and Saiko
  • Eimi & Yae's level 3
  • All commands level 3 with bath, toilets and night commands for them
  • New unique level 3 threesome command for the twins if you passed the test during their level 3 event

Glassix 0.34.1

  • French translation updated by Carpe Noctem
  • Solved bug where AI would sometimes skip too much time at once when waiting more than 1 hour
  • Added a few missing images in several good endings (Thanks CarpeNoctem!)
  • Solved several pathfinding errors (Thanks Viewer!)
  • Solved missing images during Utako's event showing her dress on bed (Thanks Mikilande!)
  • Solved bug where Marilyn house was accessible without key (Thanks Jaycee!)
  • Solved bug where Marilyn house was accessible without key when trying to enter from the study room (Thanks Jaycee!)
  • Removed affection loss when questioning Naomi about Rin's origin (Thanks Jaycee!)
  • Changed Naomi's confession event to trigger when talking to her rather than walking
  • Solved bug with Fujiko wardrobe when she is at home (Thanks Jaycee!)
  • Solved bug with Kumiko level 3 event (Thanks Hermenegild!)
  • Solved bug with dating event not working with the Charm spell (Thanks Viewer!)
  • Solved bug with date at the beach would sometimes not give proper affection points (Thanks Viewer!)
  • Fixed missing images during jobs at beach and aquatic park (Thanks Viewer!)
  • Solved bug where no time passed when using dildo command (Thanks Viewer!)
  • Solved bug where no time passed during Anael obedience events (Thanks Viewer!)
  • Solved bug where no time passed during Sarah's balcony event (Thanks Viewer!)
  • Solved bug where time passed too fast during certains blowjobs options (Thanks Viewer!)
  • Moved Mitsuko vibrator event trigger time from 6PM to 5PM to make it easier to trigger it (Thanks Viewer!)

Glassix 0.34.0

  • 2 new good endings : Hikari (with pregnancy variation) and Hanae
  • Added cum in pussy requirements for pregnancy good endings
  • Eimi & Yae's level 2
  • Special night event for the twins
  • Solved bug with Yatsumi and Marylin's entrance and room keys (Thanks Spectre!)

Glassix 0.33.1

  • Added dev mode in config.xml for creators
  • Disabled Marylin, Eimi & Yae's sexy casual outfit and sexy underwear since they are not done yet (Thanks Deuan!)
  • Corrected wrong night event triggering for Yatsumi and Marylin (Thanks Jamesyoung.criminalcase!)
  • Solved missing images for Emiri barman work (Thanks EthanEverhart!)
  • Added missing Fujiko slave mode character's images (Thanks Jamjam!)
  • Mitsuko's vibrator events is only avalaible with work or sexy work outfits to avoid missing images (Thanks Jediwithbat!)
  • Solved black screen bug when trying to replay Hanae's "Pop her cherry" and her three Vaginal events in Gallery mode (Thanks Bigmohunter!)
  • Solved black screen bug when trying to replay Eimi's or Yae's level 1 events in Gallery mode (Thanks Bigmohunter!)

Glassix 0.33.0

  • Added pagination in Gallery
  • Good endings for Aiko, Rin, Ayumi, Okimi, Sarah and Ryoko
  • Bad endings have been renamed to Slave endings to avoid confusion
  • Good endings have been renamed to Lover endings to avoid confusion
  • Eimi & Yae level 1
  • Special pact event for the twins
  • Marilyn level 1
  • New H-events for Sarah about her secret past
  • New h-event for Hanae and vaginal sex
  • Added Eimi & Yae apartment's in Northside station
  • Added Marilyn's house in Westide street D
  • Added missing Utako and Hanae in the virgin spell corruption options (Thanks Thanny!)
  • Solved bug where some follow up events would not always trigger (Thanks CarpeNoctem!)
  • Corrected missing image during Yatsumi blowjob bath and toilets events (Thanks Jamesyoung.criminalcase!)
  • Fixed incorrect image during Easter event while choosing Okimi's anal scene with Kana (Thanks Spectre!)
  • Added missing events translations in Gallery mode (Thanks Avenger777!)

Glassix 0.32.1

  • Added more options for fullscreen mode
  • German translation added by Reddead
  • Added missing Fujiko doll mode standing sex (Thanks Jamjam!)
  • Fixed bug with AI where girls would sometimes not aim for their destination (Thanks Quazar87!)
  • Fixed bug during Hanae's virgin spell corruption event (Thanks Doutei!)
  • Fixed bug during Utako's virgin spell corruption event (Thanks Doutei!)
  • Disabled choice "Don't mind me" during toilet event for extra girls since it's not done yet (Thanks Jamesyoung.criminalcase!)
  • Added missing images during Yatsumi's threesome at the beach (Thanks Jamesyoung.criminalcase!)
  • Added missing images during Emiri's night event while playing with her toys (Thanks Jamesyoung.criminalcase!)
  • Added missing images during Kristina's bad ending event (Thanks Jamesyoung.criminalcase!)
  • Added missing images during Mitsuko vibrator's event (Thanks Jamesyoung.criminalcase!)
  • Added missing images during Anael's sixty nine and bed sex commands (Thanks Jamesyoung.criminalcase!)
  • Added missing images during Okimi's bed sex commands (Thanks Jamesyoung.criminalcase!)
  • Added missing image during Okimi's bad ending event (Thanks Jamesyoung.criminalcase!)
  • Fixed night event for married girls (Thanks Jamesyoung.criminalcase!)
  • Fixed night event for married girls who have emancipated (Thanks Jamesyoung.criminalcase!)
  • Added missing menu translation in some status tabs

Glassix 0.32.0

  • Christmas event for Yatsumi and Utako
  • Sexy work outfit quest for the school staff
  • Fujiko level 4
  • The 3 last bad endings : Fujiko, Yatsumi and Utako
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Chinese translation updated by Bill Wong

Glassix 0.31.1

  • Added Fujiko level 3 missing commands
  • Solved black screen bug when launching Lily's event "A pressing urge" in gallery mode (Thanks Dorknut!)
  • Solved black screen when starting Okimi's bad ending (Thanks Dorknut!)
  • Solved bug interrupting Ryoko's bad ending (Thanks Dorknut!)

Glassix 0.31.0

  • Cleaned some girls incorrect layered images
  • Fujiko event level 3
  • 10 bad endings
  • 2 new virgins for the spell corruption event
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Chinese translation updated by Bill Wong

Glassix 0.30.1

  • Added bad endings to gallery
  • Changed walkthrough link to wiki link in main menu
  • Solved bug with fullscreen (Thanks James Smith!)
  • Solved bug with Fujiko handjob on chair and bed (Thanks Dylan!)
  • Translated remaining french inside the english file (Thanks Henz!)
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Chinese translation updated by Bill Wong

Glassix 0.30.0

  • 3 new virgins available for the spell corruption event
  • 2 new sub events during the harem ending
  • 4 bad endings : Aiko, Rin, Naomi and Mitsuko
  • Fujiko level 2
  • Mitsuko vibrator event added
  • Solved bug at the end of the museum date (Thanks Jc95!)
  • Added some missing images for the married girls night event

Glassix 0.29.1

  • Spell corruption flow changed
  • Disabled Fujiko strip command second option
  • Solved bug when loading a save while on a date
  • Solved bug preventing dates from being completed (Thanks Lazycodemonkey!)
  • Solved bug preventing Saiko's vibrator choice during school from being selected (Thanks Galgamesh!)
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Chinese translation updated by Bill Wong
  • Russian translation updated by Basilka

Glassix 0.29.2

  • Solved bug with girls name when loading a saved game (Thanks Bbnn!)
  • Chinese translation updated by Bill Wong
  • Russian translation updated by Basilka

Glassix 0.29.1

  • Spell corruption flow changed
  • Disabled Fujiko strip command second option
  • Solved bug when loading a save while on a date
  • Solved bug preventing dates from being completed (Thanks Lazycodemonkey!)
  • Solved bug preventing Saiko's vibrator choice during school from being selected (Thanks Galgamesh!)
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Chinese translation updated by Bill Wong
  • Russian translation updated by Basilka

Glassix 0.29.0

  • Harem ending
  • Added virginity status in girls status page
  • Anael spell casting event has been changed to trigger when talking to her in the church
  • New night event for married girls (Fujiko and Yatsumi so far)
  • Alternative ending for the bride daily command
  • New spell Devil apathy to reduce suspicion gain
  • New spell Devil deceit to reduce suspicion
  • Fujiko level 1
  • Solved bug where player could plan several dates with the same girl (Thanks Toramizu!)
  • Solved bug where stamina would refresh unexpectedly in some events (Thanks CarpeNoctem!)
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Chinese translation updated by Bill Wong
  • Russian translation updated by Basilka

Glassix 0.28.1

  • Fixed bug where obedience event indicators on city map would appear even though the event had been already completed for girls in slave mode
  • Chinese translation updated by Bill Wong
  • Russian translation updated by Basilka

Glassix 0.28.1

  • Added a daily event for Naomi's vibrator event to make it repeatable
  • Change affection cheat to increase affection to 200 directly
  • Added suspicion cheat code in main character menu. Click on the suspicion value to reset it to 0.
  • Disabled Atsuko vibrator option during Naomi's vibrator event (Not implemented yet) (Thanks Dylan!)
  • Fixed missing bed blowjob pictures (Thanks Dylan!)
  • Fixed bug with alternative endings for Strip-Tease and Show tits/ass (Thanks Dylan!)
  • Solved bug with Rin and Ayumi cheerleading training final option (Thanks Dylan!)
  • Solved some pathfinding issues (Thanks Alex2011!)
  • Solved bug when sleeping with girlfriend (Thanks Ric!)
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Russian translation updated by Basilka

Glassix 0.28.0

  • Added slave mode feature
  • Added 3 new dates
  • Added 2 new vibrator events
  • Added bed blowjob command for all girls
  • Added alternative endings for show ass, show tits and strip commands
  • Added outfit check for vibrator events to avoid missing images warning (Thanks Turntsnaco!)
  • Solved bug where affection would sometimes reset to 160 after dates (Thanks dblev!)
  • Solved bug where Aiko's vibrator event could not trigger (Thanks Gtgtz!)
  • Solved bug where Lily's plan couldn't be triggered (Thanks bbnn!)
  • Solved suspicion events not triggering (Thanks PotatoKing!)
  • Russian translation updated by Basilka
  • Chinese translation updated by Bill Wong

Glassix 0.27.1

  • Added new images when sleeping with girlfriends
  • Added dating help topic when talking to Aiko or Rin
  • Added text variations during sex commands for Aiko depending on her obedience level
  • Solved bug where first meeting with father would not trigger in public locations only (Thanks CarpeNoctem!)
  • Solved bug with Utako's obedience events not triggering (Thanks CarpeNoctem!)
  • Solved bug in Romita's AI during Sunday (Thanks Challenge!)
  • Solved bug with Utako's wedding event (Thanks dblev!)
  • Solved bug with events using variables which were untriggerable (Thanks dblev!)
  • Russian translation updated by Basilka
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Chinese translation added by Bill Wong

Glassix 0.27.0

  • Added girlfriend option when affection reaches 200
  • Added choice during night to sleep with girlfriend
  • Suspicion feature added
  • More personalized texts for the Aquatic Park date
  • More job H-scenes for the cheerleader training and the Aquatic Park lifeguard (threesome and foursome)
  • Utako's wedding. This event completely change the way you have to handle Utako, because you have now less than 5 weeks to raise her to level 4 before she gets married. After the wedding, obedience events won't be possible anymore: to get her, don't forget to go at this wedding.
  • Utako's emancipation: if you succeed the wedding event and you bring her to 160 Affection and Obedience, you can date her
  • New item: vibrator. You can give it to a girl and activate it in certain detailed circumstances to have a bonus scene. Aiko and Saiko's scenes are ready. Probably more will be ready next month.
  • Added sex shop in Northside
  • Added hotel in airport
  • Added lots of missing key check for apartments and houses (Thanks Hermenegild!)
  • Lily's plan event can only be triggered if she has met Rin (Thanks Avaren!)
  • Solved Anael casual outfit bug. She only has work outfit now. (Thanks Hermenegild!)
  • Solved Yatsumi missing image during bath event (Thanks LoganJ!)
  • Search and Wait functions can't be used when there is an objective now to prevent current event interruption (Thanks Avaren!)
  • Added missing images during Naomi's confession event (Thanks Knut Wuchtig!)
  • Corrected bug when buying outfits in shops and getting charged several time for the same outfit if clicked several times (Thanks Hermenegild!)
  • Corrected bug where player would not faint even when stamina was depleted (Thanks Hermenegild!)
  • Corrected salary incoherence for librarian jobs (Thanks Squark!)

Glassix 0.26.1

  • Changed pool hobby trait from Relaxation to Fitness to add more variety
  • Corrected Naomi's confession event not being repeatable when you selected the "Later" option (Thanks Quazar87!)
  • Corrected incorrect girl affection when starting a new game and skipping day 1 (Thanks jamjam!)
  • Corrected bug when interacting with another girl after a date (Thanks Whionstan!)
  • Corrected affection change tooltip not displaying anymore (Thanks Meushi!)
  • Corrected bug where girl sometimes interrupted the date when their follow time expired
  • Corrected bug where pathfinding to abandoned shrine on day 7 was bugged (Thanks SimpleFapper!)
  • Corrected bug where girls would disappear during school gym event (Thanks Yume-Noun!)
  • Russian translation updated by Basilka
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem

Glassix 0.26.0

  • Added new dating feature
  • Affection now caps at 200
  • Affection can only rise above 160 after a successful date
  • Added a daily affection gain if affection is below 100 and girl has not been ignored
  • Removed bus travel time delay (was 20% slower than walking before)
  • Kristina level 4
  • Added new H options for jobs
  • Corrected affection reduction tooltip not showing (Thanks CarpeNoctem!)
  • Corrected underwear outfit not showing when selected (Thanks Ronce!)
  • Prevented fainting event from triggering if player has an objective to avoid crashing the current event (Thanks Bill Wong!)
  • Disabled events interruption when player has an objective (Thanks Bill Wong!)
  • Fixed wrong swimsuit displayed at home (Thanks Ronce!)
  • Corrected a bug where followers would not appear directly after teleportation, riding the bus or taking a taxi
  • Added missing Kristina level 1 event images

Glassix 0.25.2

  • Changed price of some items to make it more balanced (some were way too expensive)
  • Solved bug with popup sometimes overlapping (Thanks Hermenegild!)
  • Solved bug occurring during Rin & Ayumi teaser event in the cafeteria (Thanks Hermenegild!)
  • Solved bug when girl AI couldn't calculate travel time or find next exit (Thanks Complex!)
  • Solved outfit bug when girl was going to bath (Thanks Squark!)
  • Solved bug when trying to take a private lesson without having enough cash (Thanks 看我不到!)
  • Solved bug where two underwear would sometimes appear at the same time (Thanks Hermenegild!)
  • Solved missing images bug in Hanae's tight job options in commands, toilet and bath events
  • Solved bug allowing sex commands anywhere in town even at low levels (Thanks Hermenegild!)
  • Solved bug where the city map would sometimes have several layers displayed after taking the taxi or the bus (Thanks Tehemai!)
  • Solved bug during Shizuru bath and toilet blowjob event as well as Kumiko bath event (Thanks jamesyoung.criminalcase!)
  • Added missing swimming training images with Eimi, Yae and Sarah (Thanks Ragnarok6699!)
  • Chinese translation added by 看我不到
  • Russian translation updated

Glassix 0.25.1

  • Added public and patron version in main menu page
  • Added a textual link to my Patreon page for more clarity
  • Solved bug which prevented some unique events to trigger properly, such as Hikari or Sarah meeting events (Thanks Rothna!)
  • Added a lot of missing images for Kristina (Thanks Dylan and Gypsy Kuf!)
  • Added a lot of missing images for Emiri
  • Corrected underwear showing under work swimsuit for Eimi, Yae and Wakana (Thanks CarpeNoctem!)
  • Added missing Shiho's house, Miwa's house and Fujiko's room on the city map (Thanks CarpeNoctem!)
  • Solved bug preventing Lily's obedience events to trigger (Thanks Jens Seifert!)
  • Solved bug when searching item in the room (Thanks SeShadow!)
  • Fixed wrong description for Mitsuko sexy underwear (Thanks CarpeNoctem!)
  • Russian translation updated
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem

Glassix 0.25.0

  • Unavailable choices due to missing requirements are now displayed during events
  • Choices during events now use are color code : white are OK, red will trigger a failure result and grey can't be clicked until requirements are fulfilled
  • Choices requirements are now displayed when hovering choices with the mouse
  • Valid requirements are written in white while missing requirements are written in grey
  • Added a new events list page listing game events to easily keep track of them
  • Completed events are shown in white while the others are grey
  • Selecting an event in this page will show all its trigger conditions
  • Valid conditions are shown in white while the others are grey
  • Added new clothing layers for girls. Underwear will now show properly if the girl wear any
  • 6 new teaser events for Lily
  • New academic training with Okimi, more rewarding but more expensive
  • Kristina level 3
  • Added blowjob command variations for some girls
  • Masturbation blowjob for Kumiko (pee), Rin (standing, pee) and Ayumi (standing, chair, pee)
  • Submissive blowjob pour Naomi (standing, chair, pee)
  • Added Shiho house in Street O, Southside
  • Added Miwa house in Street P, Southside
  • Added Fujiko room
  • Corrected gallery outfit list to automatically refresh when changing girl to only show relevant outfits
  • Corrected night chain events for Yatsumi anal and vaginal choices
  • Corrected bug where Emika could fail to be unlocked if player clicked on second choice without having Saiko level 2
  • Corrected bug where event options requiring money were still clickable even without enough money
  • Corrected missing sexen bug in hero status page once Lily opens her shop

Glassix 0.24.1

  • Added more debug log to track bugs here and there
  • Added a missing scene image for more clarity
  • Added custom name for russian language
  • Russian translation updated
  • Corrected bug preventing girls from accepting drinks
  • Corrected protagonist name bug during gallery replays
  • Corrected harem path bar event bug when selecting Hikari during the second choice
  • Corrected wrong sound when exiting subway in Southside
  • Corrected several path finding errors

Glassix 0.24.0

  • Added bus and taxi
  • Added bus stops in Street A, School Gate, Street J, Street Q, Street G and the countryside village
  • Added sexy casual outfits and sexy underwear for playable girls
  • Added ability to change hero name
  • Add clothing and underwear shops in the mall
  • Added loader debug information to help debug problems for players
  • Added new events for the harem path
  • Added new options from some girls' blowjob
  • Russian translation updated
  • Polish translation updated by Akla
  • Corrected a bug where the game version was not updated when saving the game, preventing any patch corrections to take effect as intended

Glassix 0.23.1

  • Added more shops and items in the game
  • The city map now displays girls in the same building as the player even without the spell to make it easier to find them.
  • Russian translation updated
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Corrected missing translated buttons in shop menu
  • Corrected Emiri level 4 event trigger conditions

Glassix 0.23.0

  • Added money to game
  • 7 new food items
  • 4 new drink items
  • 4 new gift items
  • 4 shops added : Conbini A in Eastside, Conbini B in Southside, Bar in the stripclub and Megastore in the mall
  • 7 new jobs to earn money : Barman, Yoga teacher, Cheerleaders trainer, Lifeguard assistant, Aquatic Park Lifeguard, Assistant librarian, Administrative agent
  • 5 new private lessons to increase your skills : Saiko (Academic), Sarah (Fitness/Swimming), Shizuru (Fitness), Eimi (Swimming), Yae (Swimming)
  • Girls now use their swimsuits and sport outfits in the right locations
  • Emiri level 3 & 4
  • Naomi confession event
  • New extra girl : Romita, Saleswoman
  • New extra girl : Marylin, Mayor Secretary
  • New extra girl : Kinu, Aquatic Park Teller
  • New extra girl : Tokie, Entertainment Park Teller
  • Added Yoga Club in Street J, Downtown
  • Added Law Firm in Street N, Southside
  • Corrected incorrect outfits display during commands. Some outfits have no image created yet and will still default to naked.

Glassix 0.22.1

  • Devil's tracker spell purchase cost reduced and moved to circle 0 from circle 1
  • Spell level is now limited by Lily's obedience level
  • Changed walking icons with over 120 min travel time to differentiate between quick travels and long travels
  • Aiko now spend her Sunday afternoon in the park to make it easier for the player to get her to the shrine on the first Sunday
  • Sexen gain reduced for service types events to balance the gains (handjob, blowjob, boobjob, footjob, etc...)
  • Sexen earned per command or events can now only be earned once per day
  • Travel times in the Eastside park have been reduced to make it easier to complete the first Sunday requirement with Aiko
  • Several texts in H scenes changed to reflect girls preferences
  • Improved spell descriptions
  • X-Ray mode can't be triggered anymore if the player has an objective to reach
  • Emiri's special command heel footjob is only available when she is in casual or work outfit
  • Girls are automatically visible on city map if cheats are enabled
  • English translation reviewed by Regardie
  • Russian translation updated
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Added missing townhall on city map
  • Public changing room can now be used to change girls wardrobe as intended
  • Solved missing images for the rub pussy command in bath events

Glassix 0.22.0

  • Lily's spell update
  • 28 new spells added - 5 of them are not implemented yet
  • Sexual energy added to game
  • X-Ray mode now earns sexual energy
  • Cheats are now disabled by default
  • Added cheats button in the game options to enable cheats
  • Added sound effects to the user interface : click, cheat used, spell bought and spell cast
  • Added cheats : Max sexen, Obedience level, Max money
  • Changed older cheats to give max value directly instead of incrementing one by one
  • Girls do not appear on city map by default anymore. Require Devil's Map spell
  • X-Ray under underwear is now disabled. Require Improved X-Ray spell
  • Girls general information are now hidden and will require spells or interactions with them to unlock
  • Added new spell/feature : Devil Tracker. It allows to easily walk to girls by adding their icon near the exit leading to their current location
  • "My Status" and "Girls Status" menu icons have been split for easier access
  • Added "Spells" tab in "My Status"
  • The game option to choose icon or text exits has been removed. Only icons exits remain now
  • The names of the girls should now be displayed alphabetically in the diverse lists in game (at least in english)
  • Kristina level 2
  • Emiri level 2
  • Added Town hall in Southside
  • Utako laying side and sitting front images name corrected in HD pack
  • Corrected missing masturbation images during bath and toilets events for Shizuru, Kumiko and Yatsumi
  • Corrected a small mistake in Shizuru level 3 event (Only one line concerned, Naomi's name appeared as talking instead of Hanae)
  • Added missing toilet masturbation images for Shizuru and Kumiko when naked
  • Corrected bug where loading a game would not send to the game screen and forced player to close the load menu
  • Corrected bug in wardrobe where swimsuit couldn't be changed even for the school swimsuit

Glassix 0.21.3

  • Solved bug where girls were not appearing on city map for new players or players who never saved game options
  • Solved bug in Mitsuko school uniform event trigger
  • Russian translation updated

Glassix 0.21.2

  • Solved bug where the sexy school uniform was automatically unlocked on new game
  • Solved bug where girls would not appear on the city map
  • Solved bug where girls would reset after loading a save file
  • Solved black screen bug in Emiri's entrance
  • Solved bug where girls underwear would still appear in x-ray mode even though she was not wearing any
  • Solved bug in Anael standing anal sex scene first image
  • Russian translation updated

Glassix 0.21.1

  • Added Kristina's apartment in Street H - Northside
  • Added Emiri's apartment in Street G - Northside
  • Added Shiho and Emiri missing icons in city map
  • Added missing heel hypno avatar image for Emiri
  • Corrected heel footjob command for Emiri
  • Obedience events level 1 corrected for Kristina and Emiri (missing images)
  • Russian translation updated
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem

Glassix 0.21.0

  • New school outfit quest
  • Disabled Polish translation since it was not maintained anymore
  • Kristina level 1
  • Emiri level 1
  • New option for Yatsumi threesome
  • New option for Easter event
  • New options for Kumiko alley event
  • New event with Yatsumi, only available after you have fucked her during the night in front of her husband
  • New option for level 4 Yatsumi nightsex
  • Solved a bug which loaded the option screen after launching the game
  • Solved the black screen bug when starting a new game
  • Russian translation updated
  • English translation reviewed by Regardie

Glassix 0.20.1

  • The St Patrick event now only trigger when Sarah is in the museum
  • Corrected language switcher bug in Options
  • Solved a bug where some events specific to a girl were loading the wrong text (like in toilets or at night)
  • Solved bug with Kumiko Alley and Convoqued gallery events
  • Translated remaining french text in english file

Glassix 0.20.0

  • Story main path completed (Good or Bad)
  • Anael level 2, 3, 4
  • Utako level 4
  • Kumiko level 4
  • Yatsumi level 4
  • New unique event for Naomi related to Rin's birth
  • New anal option for Yatsumi threesome
  • New extra girl : Emiri, Strip club barmaid
  • New extra girl : Shiho, business woman

Glassix 0.19.2

  • Added a "Unlock all" button in the gallery
  • Some commands can now require specific outfits to be worn (Kumiko strip-tease only at the moment. She can't be naked or in underwear to do a strip-tease)
  • Corrected some image names for Utako
  • Added Okimi missing naked images for chair sex command
  • Solved blank training option bug crashing the game for girls who offer side job (Not implemented yet but as a teaser)
  • Solved many issues in the gallery. Still has some minor bugs with avatar outfit display though.
  • Removed wrong exit in Yatsumi living room which was leading to the second floor
  • Solved pathfinding issue in Yatsumi's house to reach the bathroom and laundryroom
  • Solved a bug where having a follower when you triggered another girl toilet or bath event would trigger the event even for the follower
  • Russian translation updated

Glassix 0.19.1

  • Solved avatar overlap bug during 69 command
  • Added missing avatar images for all students in swimsuit, school swimsuit and sport outfits in hypnotized pose
  • Solved bug "Not here..." during Kumiko's event level 3 if Utako was too low level
  • Solved bug when asking girls to get naked during doll mode
  • Added missing sex commands for Utako and Kumiko
  • Added missing sex command in doll mode for Hanae
  • Removed Yatsumi anal night option which was not ready yet
  • Academic, Swimming and Fitness skills can no longer increase higher than 100
  • French translation updated by Carpe Noctem

Glassix 0.19.0

  • Story advancement
  • Added district introduction event when you enter each of them for the first time
  • Anael obedience level 1
  • Utako obedience level 3
  • 69 bed command for all girls
  • Boobjob bed and chair commands for all girls
  • Cunnilingus bed and chair command for girls how have the same command in standing pose
  • Hanae unique doll mode command
  • Unique event for Hanae
  • Unique event for Mitsuko
  • Added strip club in Northside
  • Solved bug where Lily would still trigger game over after she told you she wouldn't

Glassix 0.18.1

  • Translated remaining french in the english version
  • Solved bug where Lily obedience events level 3 and 4 were not added to gallery
  • Solved bug in Kumiko's alley event
  • Solved Okimi's event level 3 where she would not gain an obedience level if you kicked Benito's ass
  • Added some missing commands and removed others which were not ready yet
  • Solved sleeping event bug at night when a girl was following you, it would trigger a random girl sleeping event instead
  • Solved bug where a naked girl at home would not load the proper images during sex
  • Solved a pathfinding bug occuring during Iyo introduction event
  • Solved missing girls avatars bug in gallery
  • Added Kana's sport outfit avatar missing images
  • English translation partially reviewed by Regardie up to v0.17

Glassix 0.18.0

  • Wardrobe management added. Require to go to the girl room or a changing room with the girl
  • Available outfits for all playable girls : Casual, Work, Bath towel, Swimsuit, Underwear and Naked
  • Extra outfits for student girls : School swimsuit and Gym cloth
  • Scenes images optimized to reduce their size
  • Handjob command for bed and chair
  • Blowjob command for bed and chair
  • Kumiko obedience level 3
  • Yatsumi obedience level 3
  • Threesome unique command for Yatsumi
  • Special night event for married girls
  • Corrected a bug where teleporting to the hospital 2F corridor would send you to the hospital 1F corridor instead
  • Russian translation updated

Glassix 0.17.1

  • Solved issues in pathfinding for the 3 new girls
  • Added missing embarassed images for the 3 new girls
  • Solved bug where Lily would still trigger the game over event even after agreeing not to if you warned her
  • Solved bug where Lily would give hints before she was reached the appropriate obedience
  • Solved Lily's speech where she ould use lines from other girls
  • Solved Lily's hint level 2 not properly registering
  • Stamina should now be replenished during an event which skips the day or night
  • The option to kick Benito's ass during Okimi's event level 2 now works properly if you have enough fitness
  • Yatsumi blowjob option now properly reduces her affection and increases her obedience
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem

Glassix 0.17.0

  • Lily obedience level 3 and 4
  • Lily commands level 3 and 4
  • Utako obedience level 1 and 2
  • Utako commands level 1 and 2
  • Kumiko obedience level 1 and 2
  • Kumiko commands level 1 and 2
  • Yatsumi obedience level 1 and 2
  • Yatsumi commands level 1 and 2
  • Yatsumi's house added in Downtown Bakery Street
  • Utako's and Kumiko's apartment added in Downtown Street J
  • English translation reviewed by Regardie

Glassix 0.16.2

  • Corrected Aiko level 4 event
  • Corrected Kana level 4 event
  • French translations updated by CarpeNoctem

Glassix 0.16.1

  • Corrected infinite loop during teaser events
  • Corrected teaser events freezing after clicking a choice
  • Corrected toilets and bath events not triggering

Glassix 0.16.0

  • Story has been advanced
  • Lily becomes playable
  • New erotic events added at low levels (0 and 1) to speed up obedience grind
  • New option in Okimi event level 3
  • New story girl not playable yet
  • Lily obedience level 1 and 2
  • Lily basic sex commands : handjob (standing and chair), boobjob, blowjob
  • Chair blowjob
  • Chair and bed assrub
  • Chair and bed show tits
  • Chair and bed show ass
  • French translations updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Polish translations updated by Akla
  • Russian translation updated

Glassix 0.15.1

  • Added a event in the changing room before gym class and swimming class
  • Stamina is now properly replenished after the faint event
  • Corrected event triggered when trying to run to a location too far away
  • Translations strings reviewed and corrected by Akla
  • Russian translation updated by Mannikov

Glassix 0.15.0

  • Grades feature added
  • 3 new skills to improve : academic, fitness and swimming
  • Added stamina to the game
  • Added "Toggle Run" icon in the top right menu to reduce walking time by 2 but consume stamina
  • Thursday gym lesson replaced by swimming lesson
  • New important exam event each 2 weeks on Friday
  • Enabled cum in girls statistics
  • Added cheats to increase swimming, fitness and academic skills in the status page
  • Added cheat to restore stamina by click the stamina text in the top menu
  • New extra girl : Iyo, a police woman
  • New extra girl : Miwa, school nurse
  • All blowjob commands have been updated to add cum in/cum out choices
  • Shizuru obedience level 4 event added
  • New unique event for Shizuru in the mall girl toilets
  • New icons added throughout town to increase the 3 new skills
  • Girls in doll mode no longer lose affection when you ask them to follow you repeatedly
  • When player is moving towards an objective, other events are now disabled to prevent the initial event to be interrupted and cancelled
  • Corrected Hanae level 2 conditions to require Aiko level 2 as indicated in the hint
  • Added partial polish translation by Akla

Glassix 0.14.2

  • Kumiko's AI has been updated to wander during week day afternoons to match her story instead of going to school
  • Hikari's AI has been update to stay in her mansion living room A to make it easier to trigger Ryoko's event level 3
  • Added the remaining following time in the status page when a girl is following you
  • The default following time formula has changed from a fixed 60min to 60min per obedience level (60min at level 0, 120min at level 1 etc...)
  • Solved the black screen bug occurring when double clicking on a district in the city map
  • Solved the bug preventing the cheat to teleport to a girl in status page
  • Corrected Shizuru's pact event with Lily
  • Added missing language string for Shizuru's livingroom
  • Doors are now properly locked again
  • Corrected a bug where the girl's image would not get changed to embarrassed when being naked and out of doll mode
  • Fixed some issues with embarrassed AI acting too slow or fast
  • Fixed a bug in the AI where embarrassed girls would sometimes disappear from the game
  • Fixed underwear issue when using x-ray on lifeguards in swimsuits
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem

Glassix 0.14.1

  • Choices in events might now effect the choices in future events (Shizuru level 3 and Hanae level 3 for the moment)
  • Corrected a flaw in the AI where girls were calculating their schedule based on a wrong time
  • Southside exit added in the subway map
  • Corrected a bug on the city map which sent you to the girls' status pages even if their icon was not visible
  • You can't cheat to teleport to girls in unknown locations anymore
  • Corrected a bug during Saiko's event level 2 where a whole day was skipped by error
  • Starting obedience and affection corrected when skip introduction for Aiko and Kana
  • Naomi's event level 1 now forward time by 1 hour instead of setting time to 8PM
  • Naomi now wanders in casual clothes early morning and during lunch break instead of her working outfit
  • Corrected several events which did not pass time properly
  • Corrected St Patrick event trigger conditions
  • Anal option during bath event has been corrected
  • Added missing images in bath and toilets events for Shizuru and Hanae

Glassix 0.14.0

  • Boarding any subway from the platform has been reduced from 5 to 1 minute
  • Girls do not follow automatically anymore when using the cheat to teleport them to the player
  • The affection loss when asking a girl to follow you multiple time is now reduced depending on her obedience level
  • The affection loss when ignoring a girl is now reduced depending on her obedience level
  • Obedience does not decrease anymore when a girl is ignored several days
  • Aiko, Kana and Mitsuko's characters code have been corrected to match the standard nomenclature
  • You can now also access the status page of a girl by clicking on her icon on the city map
  • You can now exit the status and city map menu by pressing "Esc"
  • Time passed during events is now indicated in tooltips
  • Hints have been updated to match the new AI feature
  • Bladder max value us now different for each girl
  • Hunger max value us now different for each girl
  • Dirtiness max value us now different for each girl
  • Added Walkthrough link in main menu
  • Shizuru obedience events level 1, 2 and 3 added
  • Hanae obedience events level 3 and 4 added
  • New threesome commands for Ayumi + Rin
  • New threesome commands for Aiko + Kana in doll mode
  • Girls are properly displayed in gallery
  • Corrected a bug preventing Sarah's event level 3 and 4 from triggering
  • Corrected several pathfinding issues
  • Corrected a bug where girls had the wrong naked/underwear pose when using x-ray
  • Wrong text during night sneak events have been corrected
  • Bladder, hunger and dirtiness values are now properly updated even when a lot of time is passed at once
  • Corrected a bug when time was switching at a determined time which cause incoherence in the girls schedules, usually when sleeping or after events
  • Russian translation updated by Pmf026

Glassix 0.13.1

  • Disabled the "I'm busy" trigger when a girl is working to avoid problems with some girls.
  • The countryside has been removed from the hobbies destinations to avoid too much time lag in girls schedule
  • Several girls can now follow the player
  • Add 2 slide buttons when more than 5 girls are in the same room
  • Added a cheat to teleport a girl to the player and make her follow automatically by middle clicking her avatar in the girl's status page
  • Girls will only try to take a bath during the evening (from 8PM)
  • Corrected bath event bug
  • Corrected a problem where girls parameters were not increased properly when a lot of time was skipped at once
  • Corrected a bug where leaving a girl in doll mode in a room more than 1 hour would make her disappear from the game forever
  • Both player teleport cheats are now available
  • Yurika is now properly unlocked during her first meeting event
  • The keys for Shizuru and Hanae's rooms and apartments have been correctly placed in the related locations
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem

Glassix 0.13.0

  • Simple artificial intelligence added to girls
  • 3 new parameters have been added to girls : hunger, bladder and dirtiness
  • Girls now reacts to those parameters and run to toilets, bathroom and to eat when they are too high
  • Girls now travel between locations and have more random schedule
  • "Date" paragraph in bio has been renamed to "Hobbies"
  • Girls now have hobbies and will walk around town depending on those hobbies
  • Girls now run to their room to get dressed when they end up naked for mysterious reasons
  • Default follow time has been changed to 1 hour and is not dependant on the obedience level anymore (It will be changed once more later when glasses upgrades are added)
  • Girl now lose affection when asked repeatedly to follow
  • The "Bio" tab in the girls status page now displays more information like their position, destination, wait time and status to help players figure out what they're doing.
  • Girls can now be "Busy" when working and will refuse to interact with the player before level 1
  • Girls can now be "Embarrassed" and will refuse all interactions with the player until their status is changed
  • Added a cheat to teleport to girls by clicking on their image in the status page
  • Added a cheat to teleport to an room by double clicking on the room in the city map menu
  • Russian translation updated and corrected by pmf026
  • Hanae obedience level 1 & 2
  • Toilets event for Hanae & Shizuku
  • Bath event for Hanae & Shizuku
  • Commands added for Hanae & Shizuku
  • 6 extra girls added with introduction event only
  • Shizuku's apartment in Northside
  • Hanae's apartment in Eastside
  • Cafeteria added to hospital, replacing one of the room on the 2nd floor.
  • Girls will give hints only once instead of repeating it
  • Exits are now properly hidden when using the wait menu

Glassix 0.12.1

  • Choices during discussion have been shrunk to display more of them
  • French translation updated
  • Daisuki meeting event correctly translated in gallery
  • Personalized texts for each girl, level 4 acts
  • Sarah's pictures updated for level 4
  • One additional cum option for Ryoko's level 4 acts
  • Fujiko and Chan-Mei introduction scenes corrected
  • Deidre character images resized properly
  • Corrected bug with save pagination
  • Saiko's level 4 event added to gallery
  • St Patrick event added to gallery in Sarah's tab
  • Corrected a bug where new girls initial attributes were not properly initialized
  • Fujiko meeting event time changed to morning only instead of all day

Glassix 0.12.0

  • Russian translation updated to 0.11.4 by Miss Viola
  • St Patrick event added
  • Level 4 added for Hikari, Mitsuko, Naomi and Saiko
  • New anal command for standing position
  • New anal command for chair
  • New anal command for bed
  • 7 new girls with introduction events only (by CarpeNoctem)
  • Corrected Kana's schedule in the morning to avoid the double location spawn

Glassix 0.11.4

  • Corrected christmas event options which triggered a "Not here" reaction sometimes
  • Corrected spelling mistake for save/load in russian language
  • Corrected flickering text when choices appeared and skipped too fast
  • Corrected some events not properly unlocking in gallery
  • Corrected bug in save file list

Glassix 0.11.3

  • Added Okimi's sex images during night event
  • Corrected Rin, Ayumi and Hikari schedule from 1PM to 1PM30 during week days
  • Corrected Sarah's obedience event options which triggered a "Not here" reaction from Aiko and Kana if level 3
  • Corrected flickering text effect at lower text display speed

Glassix 0.11.2

  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Russian translation added by Miss Viola
  • Game font changed to Verdana to add compatibility with more languages (chinese, russian, polish...)
  • Okimi's obedience event level 2 and 3 have been modified to give more choices to the players
  • Sarah's introduction event has been modified to give a more neutral tone to Kei
  • The text for the masturbation command of Kana and Sarah has been customized
  • Saiko now guides players during morning class to let them know their afternoon schedule
  • Added a white outline for the walk and swim icons in travel mode to see them more easily at night
  • Quick trip event now only triggers at 6AM or 7AM
  • Handjob command added for Ryoko at level 1
  • Masturbation command added for Sarah at level 1
  • Updated Mitsuko and Saiko blowjob images to reflect the text
  • Corrected Mitsuko introduction event
  • Corrected character names not appearing during discussions
  • Corrected hints for Ryoko and Sarah
  • Corrected the trigger for Okimi's unique classroom event
  • Corrected Aiko obedience level 2 event location change at the end
  • Rin & Ayumi's event level 3 and 4 now take 1 hour
  • Corrected Hikari introduction event to trigger properly and end earlier
  • Added Sarah's obedience level 4 event to the gallery
  • Corrected Lily's image during Aiko's pact event
  • Corrected obedience event icon display on city map
  • Corrected choices not appearing in some events
  • Corrected follow-up events in gallery
  • Corrected a bug where Ryoko introduction event was triggering right after another of her event was played in the gallery
  • Corrected Sarah's balcony event
  • Toilet and bath events can now trigger obedience points properly

Glassix 0.11.1

  • Corrected bug when launching new game

Glassix 0.11.0

  • Game structure updated for easier translations and mods
  • Added a popup when meeting a new girl for the first time
  • Added affection and obedience penalty if player ignores girls for too long (3 days and 7 days thresholds)
  • Gallery mode added
  • Save engine updated. Save files can now be found in Glassix folder in the "saves" sub folder
  • Added new tabs in girl status menu
  • Added new tabs in my status menu
  • Added doll mode icon in girl status menu if the girl has doll mode enabled
  • Pressing/Holding "Ctrl" during discussion now skip text
  • Level 4 events added for Aiko, Kana, Rin & Ayumi, Okimi, Sarah and Ryoko
  • 4 new girls with introduction events only (by CarpeNoctem)
  • Southside district
  • Aquatic park (Southside)
  • Forgotten island (Southside)
  • Shizuku's apartment (Southside)
  • Corrected text overlap for hints
  • Corrected text bug for keys list

Glassix 0.10.3

  • Corrected a bug where obedience events would not trigger if the player cheated and increased the obedience too high
  • Added Northisde Station exit in Street E
  • Added Street E exit in Northiside Station
  • Added exit to Downtown in Northside city map
  • Changed Sarah's hint for level 2
  • English language reviewed by Pmf and Hoboy from Fenoxo forums
  • Corrected a bug in Ryoko special event where her affection would not change even though a change was shown in popup

Glassix 0.10.2

  • Corrected a bug with saved file from 0.9 which prevented the data to be properly updated to v0.10.X format, causing Sarah and Ryoko to have no affection towards the player after meeting and screwing their obedience points.
  • Removed duplicate ass rub command for Naomi
  • Ryoko obedience level 3 event : Objective changed from corridor to entrance
  • Southside exit removed on City map
  • Christmas event is now repeatable each 24 days
  • Corrected Sarah and Ryoko's events which sometimes ended unexpectedly
  • Balcony sex event for Sarah now properly triggers on Balcony at home
  • Corrected a bug in the french translation

Glassix 0.10.1

  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Okimi disappearance between 5PM to 6PM30 fixed
  • Ryoko's apartment now properly locked and requires a key
  • Sarah's apartment now properly locked and requires a key
  • Bug in french translation for afternoon class event fixed
  • Follow up event in bathroom for Ryoko level 1 obedience event fixed
  • Tooltips while hovering exits in map menu fixed
  • Exit from Westide station to library entrance fixed
  • Exit from library entrance to Westide station fixed
  • Ryoko's hint for obedience level 1 has been fixed
  • Sarah's obedience event level 1 properly triggers a 6PM
  • Sarah's location properly set to gum entrance as 12PM

Glassix 0.10.0

  • Travel UI changed back to icons
  • Option in menu added to choose between text or icon travel UI
  • School daily event divided in 2 : morning and afternoon
  • PE class added on Tuesday & Thursday afternoon
  • Students and teachers schedule has been updated for lunch break
  • Credits menu added
  • Changelog menu added
  • Tooltips added while hovering exits in map menu
  • Sarah : PE teacher (by CarpeNoctem)
  • Ryoko : Mansion maid (by CarpeNoctem)
  • New Christmas event for Aiko, Mitsuko and Naomi
  • Aquatic park exit in Northside removed
  • South station exit in Subway removed
  • South station exit in Street J removed
  • Saiko's apartment layout on map corrected
  • Apartments and houses have been renamed with their owners' names instead of letters
  • Okimi's special classroom event corrected
  • Night event is now repeatable
  • Girls can't be interacted with anymore in Wait mode

Glassix 0.9.2

  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Random text daily talk bug corrected

Glassix 0.9.1

  • Follow up events corrected
  • Okimi's obedience level 3 event corrected

Glassix 0.9.0

  • Travel UI changed to text
  • Sex options now depends on furnitures
  • Okimi : Junior teacher (by CarpeNoctem)
  • Sitting front (require chair)
  • Laying side (require bed)
  • Night sex option
  • Conbini (Eastside)
  • Bathhouse (Eastside)
  • Library (Westside)
  • Gym (Westside School)
  • Cafeteria (Westside School)
  • Computer room (Westside School)
  • Teachers lounge (Westside School)
  • Okimi's apartment (Westide)
  • Northside district
  • Museum (Northside)
  • Entertainment park (Northside)
  • Airport district
  • Northside station (Subway)
  • Airport station (Subway)
  • Countryside district
  • Onsen (Countryside)
  • Mall (Downtown)
  • Arcade (Downtown)
  • Bakery (Downtown)

Glassix 0.8.0

  • Obedience level 3 events
  • Hints for level 3 obedience events
  • Standing sex command added
  • Living room location in Saiko's appartment
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem

Glassix 0.7.3

  • French translation added by CarpeNoctem & Logrent

Glassix 0.7.2

  • NWJS version has been downgraded from 0.16 to 0.14 to allow XP and Vista compatibility.
  • Search, Wait, Map and Status menus icons added
  • Talk and Follow commands position changed
  • Save file names corrected
  • X-Ray mode bug after waiting some time corrected
  • More text misspell corrected, thanks to Fling2 and Regardie

Glassix 0.7.1

  • Naomi meeting event should now work properly.
  • Study room key is now located in the entrance of Rin & Naomi house
  • Sleep now works again
  • Girls in doll mode can now follow you indefinitely
  • Text corrections for day 1

Glassix 0.7.0

  • UI updated : Click the top right icon to show menu
  • New feature : Keys are required to access locations
  • New main character status page
  • Custom wait time
  • Toggle fullscreen
  • Toggle sound
  • Options are now accessible while playing
  • "Back" button added in status and map pages
  • "Quit" button added in the menu
  • Cheat affection and obedience
  • Save process overhauled to allow compatibility between versions
  • Night H-scenes for all girls (in girls rooms starting 11PM)
  • Corrected some images with clipping clothes to improve overall quality

Glassix 0.6.1

  • Hints now be working properly.
  • Kana new scene : Cum outside image name has been corrected
  • The doll mode was kind of buggy, not always unlocking the girl after the event. It should now be working properly.

Glassix 0.6.0

  • Story continues after day 6
  • Doll mode
  • Naomi first meeting follow up scene corrected

Glassix 0.5.0

  • Status page to track girls added
  • Hint system
  • Cheat option
  • Multi slot saves
  • Skip day 1 option
  • Clickable menu added
  • Girls are properly placed when more than 3 of them are in the same room.

Glassix 0.4.0

  • Obedience level 2 events
  • Teacher's apartment in Dowtown
  • Ayumi's apartment in Dowtown
  • Karaoke in Dowtown
  • Daily bath and toilets scenes no longer waste time if you cancel them
  • Naomi toilet scene in casual outfit corrected

Glassix 0.3.0

  • Underwear visible in x-ray mode. Left click to toggle them
  • 2 daily events added for all girls : Toilet and bath
  • Cancel option added to Wait menu
  • Massage for mother and teacher
  • Show tits/ass for principal
  • Masturbation for sister
  • Handjob order removed for some characters
  • H-scenes now keep the related girl's outfit.
  • Menu have been disabled during x-ray mode to avoid bug

Glassix 0.2.0

  • New city map menu
  • New outfits for girls : casual, work, swimsuit and bath towel.
  • New daily events and more conditional obedience events depending on location
  • Hikari : Senior classmate
  • Naomi : Rin's mother & writer
  • Mitsuko : Hikari's mother & school principal
  • Hospital in Eastside
  • Mansion in Westide
  • Save only allowed during travel mode now to avoid crash during discussion
  • School events after day 7 are now working properly

Glassix 0.1.0

  • Obedience level 1 events
  • Day 1 prologue
  • Wait
  • Relation and obedience change during conversation
  • Aiko : Mother & doctor
  • Kana : Sister & junior classmate
  • Rin : Senior classmate
  • Ayumi : Senior classmate
  • Saiko : Senior teacher
  • Eastside district
  • Westside district
  • Downtown district
  • Subway district